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SRT - subtitle


Srt sub rip is a program designed for windows, which perform the function of “rips” or “extracting” the SRT subtitles with their complete timing details from any kind of video containing any extension. This software can be categorized as open source software and it is released under the banner of GNU GPL. SRT sub rip have the ability of extracting timing details from all kinds of videos like video files, live playing video and even from DVD too and then it records the extracted timing details in a simple SRT text format usually. But it also has the feature of saving file of SRT subtitle in Bmp format which can be erased from its source file of video when required.

Subrip is the name given to the SRT subtitle created by SRT sub rip itself, too.  That specific SRT text file is used to be saved with the extension of .SRT. This mentioned extension type can be easily supported by almost all those software which are used for video playing and by those programs which are used for creating subtitle and in those programs and article where media player comparison held on.

In actual manner, SRT sub rip is designed and integrated using exact required coding method of codec which are used for variety of resources of videos and then they configured in the areas like text section which receive after extraction, then its color environment for video enhancing, requirements of video and color processing is also given special importance for identifying the SRT subtitles which is very important function. When these configurations are done, a trail is taken and fining of tuning is made confirmed and the software will be effective enough to extract all the subtitles from the video file in the duration of its playback, automatically. After making all such efforts SRT sub rip becomes able to record texting details of each subtitle along with its starting time and ending time details with in the file containing extension.

These extracted SRT text file are utilized by number of different playback supporting programs which includes the highlighted supporting format of DVD and Divx, as well as by many other video supporting programs and by video application involved software which includes the usage of timing record of every SRT subtitle and its display should also be proper and clear, along with SRT text of subtitles also.

One more scenario is also following while naming these subtitles, i.e., whenever these subtitles are given name their recording language must also be considered and it become the part of the name of SRT subtitle. It means if the subtitle is recording in English than the title will be saved with the name of the video preceding language name and the extension in the end like name of movie.neg.SRT. This is the actual method which is specially considered while naming the SRT subtitles.

One of the most important thing must be remember and not to be confused with it, that these SRT text files are used for the videos only when they are playing back so its’ meant that they are only supporting files, they do not have any data regarding videos

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