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Super Robot Taisen is video game which is abbreviated as SRT video which is a complete series of movie, movie SRT. This complete series of video srt is produced by banpresto a Japanese developer. Most attractive feature of movie srt is its’ plot which multiple number of mecha srt titles. This option allows the character belongs to different SRT title of SRT movie to make a team or they can battle with each other. First game of SRT in animated SRT video format was released in 1991 and then a chain of SRT videos were start releasing on different handheld. At present, only three movie SRT are seen which are released outside the Japan.

All the games in movie SRT, a basic pattern are followed. When the SRT video starts, characters of different SRT title that are currently selected for playing exchange their introduction between each other and then they discuss the scenario of how battle will be started among them. For accomplishing scenario, every movie SRT character will defined his or her objectives for which they will fight together. Some of the scenarios are selected as unfold objectives which are very longer and consist over number of stages, and with the completion of every stage a new objective added to the movie SRT character’s objective list and thus the SRT video become endless.

In the battle field of scenario, the player of movie SRT and the enemy take their respective turns fro ordering their available units with their commandos for making different actions like moving, making squad, attacking activity, and even for casting spirit commands. Spirit commands are the set of magic like their spell and each unit member of movie SRT is assigned its unique spell different from other characters of SRT titles. Now the scenario has been decided and cleared for every SRT title character. Then further more dialogues are exchange between them before they led to the intermission menus. After entering to entering to the intermission menu, this is the place where units are able to upgrade them or the skill and abilities of any character, no matter belong to which SRT title, can be upgraded or changed. As well as all the related acts of maintenance can also be performed before the player actually start its SRT video game.

SRT video game also contains number of hidden features which can only be received by completed number of objectives in a sequence. These bonuses can also be achieved by completing those objectives which are optional and time consuming but still very much helpful in completing future objectives. These bonuses of movies SRT may be like gaining extra stages of achieving objectives, ability of capturing enemy’s machine, special kinds of upgrades for increasing the strength of units. These upgrades could be as IWSP packs. In some other games these bonuses are named as skill points. Purpose of all of these is only enhancing the character’s capabilities. As much upgrades are received as much difficulties of completing the SRT video games increases accordingly.

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